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Empowering Communities Through Workforce Housing

At Ascend Communities, we are committed to more than just constructing houses; we are dedicated to building vibrant, connected communities with affordable housing at their core. Our mission transcends construction – it’s about crafting environments where individuals and families can flourish.

We recognize the significant impact that safe and affordable housing has on people’s lives and their communities. It serves as the foundation for stability, growth, and prosperity. That’s why we invest our passion, expertise, and dedication into every project, ensuring each development is not merely a group of homes, but a driving force for positive change.

Meet the Wallace Family

Aaron Wallace has been in the Real Estate industry for nearly 25 years and has owned and operated sizeable real estate brokerages, built and developed single family sub-divisions and bought and sold over $400 million worth of real estate. In 1995, Aaron began his career as a residential agent, working his way from selling single family homes to eventually purchasing the brokerage. After purchasing his first brokerage, he became the majority owner of several brokerages where he held positions of President/CEO and Chairman of the Board. During his tenure, Aaron’s brokerages closed over 20,000 transactions across the Southwest. From 2006 to 2009 the company focused on foreclosures, conducting over 30,000 broker price opinions and closing more than 3,000 REO transactions.

A family captures an adorable moment with their cherished dog in their affordable housing.

In 2002, he turned over the day-to-day operations of his brokerages to focus on the acquisition of investment properties. Aaron has been involved in over 1,100 transactions in the single-family residential space, spanning the Southwest Region and Oregon. He has developed a keen eye toward identifying undervalued assets, making necessary improvements and divesting for significant profits. In 2004, Aaron moved from Las Vegas to Phoenix where he began acquiring land to develop and build single-family subdivisions. Prior to the great recession, he was involved in land acquisitions and entitlement on over 300 lots as a principle as well as building several semi-custom subdivisions. In 2013, Aaron created multiple land holding companies and led them to their current position.

Aaron’s biggest accomplishment is his family which is anchored by his wonderful wife, Sherri. He is the proud father of two children, Maddi, pursuing Neuroscience and Biochemistry at LMU; Austin, set to attend Northern Illinois University as a D1 Basketball player; and his stepchildren, Tasha, happily married to Levi Hedine in the Midwest, and Luke, currently excelling as a hair color specialist.

Through his outstanding career and the strong foundation of his family, the Wallace Family epitomizes success both in the real estate industry and in nurturing a loving and supportive household.

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